Our Story

 i started Choix because,
after a lifetime of design-y occupations,
i found myself looking for any excuse
to get out there - explore, see, learn about other cultures,
bring stuff i love back, share it all
with family and friends.

3+ years later...
one thing i’ve learned for sure is it takes a small village.
and here we are from left to right:

Choix group photo

Abby, Esme, Desmond, and Maddy.
i do what i do, Esme keeps us moving ahead,
Desmond makes sure we’re out and about,
and Maddy keeps it all on the rails.
Willa makes sure we look good,
but she missed the photo opp.

for the uninitiated
(or non-French speaking),
the definition of Choix [shwah] is choice.
these things are our choices.
we hope you like what we’re choosing!

(Abby Yozell, founder, Choix Home)