Winter 2023, bonne année de Paris

top left, clock wise...

l'art du moment, Claude Monet - Joan Mitchell, Dialogue, exhibition at Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris, on through February 27th, 2023. RUN don't WALK !!! 
The exhibition "...presents each artist’s unique response to a landscape and nature, illustrated in a particularly immersive manner. In his last paintings, the Water Lilies, Monet aimed to recreate in his studio the motifs he observed at length on the surface of his water lily pond in Giverny. Joan Mitchell, on the other hand, would explore a memory or a sense of the emotions she felt while in a particular place that was dear to her, perceptions that remained vivid beyond space and time. She would create these abstract compositions at La Tour, her studio in Vétheuil, a small French village."

Restock alert! a Choix fave returns, Zilla pouch in iridescent green foil. 

Nouveau fave Cave à Manger (aka French wine bar) - Billili by Les Arlots in the 10th arrondissement in Paris <3  discovered while on a walk from Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, we popped into this cute lil place by chance and discovered their #terrineextraoirdinaire #ouefsmayonnaise, cute and nice staff -- we mean SERIOUSLY cute ;)
Billili is the wine bar little sister of Les Arlots - the incredible bistro next door. Dinner there did not disappoint!

We stayed at our favorite pad à Paris, Maison1400. One of the oldest houses in Paris, Maison1400 is a 15th century townhouse in the heart of the Marais, beautifully restored and renovated by decorator Tom Scheerer and his partner Michael Baldridge. It's so good we almost don't want to tell you about it.

What are we wearing? Our nouveau Monoki silk pajama set, bien sûr! Both around the house and out and about.

Another restock alert!! Back by popular demand, our Choix x The Palmist poetry cushions. One-of-a-kind pillows made with Choix-sourced vintage African fabrics hand embroidered by The Palmist, Clementina Calleri, in her studio in Rome. Her pieces are made 100% by hand, each stitch, fringe, and hour of precise work a celebration of her imaginary beloved palms.

Finalement, soundtrack to our winter 2023, Midnights by Taylor Swift in its entirety. #Imtheproblemitsme