Ikat Pillow
Ikat Pillow


Ikat Pillow

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hand-sewn pillow fabricated in the Choix workroom, with flap featuring the fringed edge detail unique to each ikat design. down/feather pillow insert.

Sumbanese Hinggi - hand-woven on the eastern Indonesian island of Sumba, these ikats were traditionally worn by men as waist or shoulder cloths known as hinggi. in the production of the Sumbanese ikat, the natural dye resist is applied to the cotton, silk or wool yarns before weaving so the design is created in the weave rather than on the finished cloth, making the pattern visible from both sides. design motifs may have ethnic, ritual or symbolic meaning with patterns that are usually composed of geometric, human or animal figures. 

19” x 23” / #PSI01

this pillow was fabricated using one-of-a-kind textiles. due to antiquity and/or unique quality, it is not unexpected to find variations in the weave, texture and color of these fibers. handle with care and dry clean only.